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Thavma Facial (Botox Effect for 20’s, 30’s, 40’s)


You have heard of invasive aesthetic uses of injections to freeze wrinkles.It is time to hear about the latest cosmetology which erases wrinkles of expression without the use of Surgical intervention and manages to restore skin firmness with proven effectiveness. Vitamin A is vital for normal functioning healthy skin. This facial incorporates vitamin A to normalise abnormalities for healthier looking skin, smoothes out the complexion, helps the skin to form collagen and elastin, reduces sun damage, reduces pigmentation, improves problem skin, restores moisture and will leave you with firmer, more radiant and glowing skin. Wrinkles are smoothed out within the first 28 days 30-50% More elastic skin within the first 14 days. More moisturized skin within the first 14 day. Softer skin within the first 14 days

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