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Nurse Led Aesthetics Clinic

Aesthetics Clinic

Our Aesthetics Clinic is brought to you by Nurse Practitioner Saoirse O’Dea Murray RGN, NT, CNS.

Saoirse hails from Galway where she divides her time nursing in the Galway Clinic and running her own Aesthetics Clinic – Freesia Aesthetics. With over 15 years nursing experience you are in very safe, capable hands.

Treatments Provided;

Dermal Fillers,   Profhilo &  Jalupro Skin Booster,  Sclerotherapy Spider Vein  Treatment,  PRP Vampire Facial,  PRP Hair Restoration,  Fat Dissolving Injections.

Book in for a free no obligation consultation or contact us for more information.

List of Anti-Aging clinic Treatments and Prices

Please get in contact with our makeup salon to enquire about availability.


Aesthetics Consultation                                                        FREE

Lumi Eye                                                                                    From €220

Lemon Bottle Fat Dissolving                                                From €200

Dermal Fillers (lip, jawline, cheek and chin)                     From €230

Profhilo (2 treatments 4 weeks apart)                               €520 (for 2 treatments)

Jalupro Skin Booster                                                               From €300

PRP Vampire Facial                                                                 From €350

PRP Hair Restoration                                                              From €350

Sclerotherapy Spider Vein Treatment                                From €300

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